Friday, June 17, 2011

BIRTH STORY: Baby Love & Soul Work

(written by Krystle Sommers, about the birth of Annabelle, born 06.11.11)

Really? I get to keep her forever?

If I knew what day it was I'd say "I cant believe its been x amount of days since Annabelle was born" but life is a little interrupted at the moment and she is worth every bit of it.
Im still recovering, not 100% yet and still unable to wrap my head around what Josh & I just went through.

Delivering our child together after all night Friday and all day Saturday (totaling 19 hours) in hard labor was the most amazing experience of my life. The pain and fear I experienced during childbirth was more than I had ever imagined BUT the feeling of accomplishing what I knew my body could do was priceless. There is a reason less than 2 percent of Americans do homebirths- its REALLY HARD WORK.

But it the type of work that changes your soul.

I have never felt so empowered and strong even though in it I felt weak and scared. I cant tell enough people how proud I am of my husband. For hours I looked him dead in the eyes, bawling, pleading and begging with him to help me and all he kept saying was "You can do this."

I've never had to tap into my inner strength before but when things got so bad I screamed for Jesus, drugs and told everyone I was dying I knew I could either own the situation or let it own me. My midwife, mother and birth assistants also stayed by my side and championed me into delivery.

When in the 18th hour I knew she was close I gave it everything I had and then she was here in our arms as if she had always been here with us. I don't believe everyone should do as I did because we all have different roads to take but I know that I went into labor and parts of me did die and I came out with a strength I didn't know existed.

-New Mumma

I give God the credit for it is through Him we find strength.

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