Monday, October 4, 2010

Gratitude: The Sarasota City Commission

Dear Mayor Kirschner and the City Commissioners, City Auditor, and Administrative Assistant for the City of Sarasota:

Thank you so much for your proclamation tonight honoring Licensed Midwives Week. I know that I speak on behalf of hundreds of Sarasota families when I tell you that such a recognition is much more than a piece of paper, much more than a pat on the back for our midwives. It shows our young families that our elected officials care about healthy maternity care practices. It gives pregnant women a vote of confidence that their local government supports their evidence-based decision to choose the safe and loving care of midwives for their prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum care.

In the words of our nation's most groundbreaking and well-respected midwife, Ms. Ina May Gaskin: "You all are creating a little oasis of sanity there in Sarasota. Keep building: this is such important work! Please give my greetings to Kelly Kirschner. I hope that we will soon see other cities and towns making similar proclamations." With our city, state and nation's cesarean section rates on a dangerous incline, and our nation's maternal mortality rate an abysmal 41st in the world, moments like the one you facilitated tonight offer beacons of hope to so many who work so hard for improved outcomes in maternal and infant health.

Many, many thanks to each of you.

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