Wednesday, May 5, 2010

International Day of the Midwife: Re-Introduction to Sarasota's Midwives

Today we celebrate International Day of the Midwife. The following post was published last year on this day. In recognition, I am honored to re-introduce the Licensed Midwives in our community currently practicing in our birth centers, and in your homes.

Christina Holmes, LM, CPM
Christina Holmes is a Licensed Midwife, attending homebirths in Sarasota since 2002, and since 2007 at her own Birthways Family Birth Center. Christina is also a doula, childbirth educator, massage therapist, and mother of three, the youngest of which was born at home with midwife Cathy Matthews, LM. For more information, please visit

Harmony Miller, LM, CPM
Harmony Miller is a Licensed Midwife, serving Sarasota's families at Rosemary Birthing Home and in their homes since 2006. Harmony has attended midwifery conferences worldwide and continues to learn from the practices of other cultures. In January 2009, she gave birth to Rio at home, with midwife Anne Hirsch, LM. For more information, please visit

Cathy Matthews, LM
Cathy Matthews is a Licensed Midwife, serving our community for over twenty years. In 2006, she began the Alternative Medicine Program at Everglades University. Cathy is the mother of 5 children, 4 born at home, and 1 grandchild, born at home. For more information please visit

Alina Vogelhut, LM
Alina Vogelhut is a Licensed Midwife who joined the Rosemary Birthing Home midwifery practice in November 2008. Alina graduated from the Florida School of Traditional Midwifery in Gainesville, and interned for three years at the Birth Cottage in Tallahassee, where she attended nearly 200 births. For more information, please visit

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