Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BIRTH STORY: A Midwife's Home Birth

(by Christina Holmes, LM, about the birth of Jade William, born 4.02.03)

April 2, 2003....My water broke at 11:00 am, I hadn't had any contractions yet, but I knew he would be born today. I called my husband first, then my midwife, my doula, and my best friend. Within minutes my contractions were 2 minutes apart and very intense. My husband arrived in 20 minutes with our midwife only moments behind him.

I had just gotten out of the shower when she arrived. As I was kneeling on the floor comfortably leaning on my husband, she gently and quietly listened to our baby's heartbeat, reassuring us that everything was normal. Our doula arrived & began filling our tub. We knew this baby wasn't going to take long. Before I knew it I wanted to get in the birthtub, but more than anything I didn't want my husband to leave my side! With the help of our midwife & doula he didn't have to!

12 noon I was in the tub, very thankful for the relief the water gave me. I began to feel a bit overwhelmed with the intensity of my labor... this made me realized that I was going to push soon... that's how everyone feels just before their babies are born. Next thing I know I'm pushing, I glance at the clock... 12:20, then 12:30, I could feel my baby's head emerging from my body, it was amazing to be the one to touch him first! My husband was the 2nd.12:48pm My 3rd child was born! What joy! My other two were born prematurely in the hospital, this was my 1st full term pregnancy & he was born safely & comfortably at home surrounded by his family! My children rushed inside (a friend picked them up at school) just as he began to cry, their faces alive with wonder & amazement at this new person, their new brother! No one takes him away from us... he's held by me, then my husband, my children, my friend, and our midwife.

I'm helped into bed with my new baby. Food is prepared as my husband & I cuddle in our bed together absorbing this miraculous moment in our lives, thankful for the gift of this child and for the blessing of being able to have our baby at home!

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