Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thank You, Representative Keith Fitzgerald

One week ago, Florida House District 69 Representative Keith Fitzgerald and his District Secretary Charolett Baker graciously welcomed me into their offices to discuss current c-section rates, maternal mortality, and access to midwifery care in Florida.

Among many other topics, we were able to candidly speak about current federal legislative efforts to broaden access to midwifery care, the upcoming expansion of Sarasota Memorial Hospital, maternity clinics throughout Florida as prospective case studies, and opportunities for research of economic and medical outcomes.

Representative Fitzgerald's experience and in-depth knowledge of the legislative process and political climate proved insightful and inspirational in providing direction for future action. I appreciate his time and attention very much, and look forward to continuing this conversation with him, his staff, and his colleagues throughout his tenure as our District Representative.

I left Mr. Fitzgerald's office feeling grateful that I had cast my vote for an honest, astute official who grants each constituent a voice.

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